David Taylor is a true branding guru and a business acquaintance. For years, he has been on a mission to dispel the myth of digital. It’s another channel and a new medium for sure but it obeys most of the rules of non-digital marketing. It’s still about brand building, finding and understanding an audience, coming up with products and marketing
that are both “sausage and sizzle” etc. 

In the same way, web content needs to obey the same rules of ‘old school’ marketing when it comes to targeting to a ‘tribe’, defining tone and feel, creating meaningful content.

And yes, there are new things to think about too. Like SEO and lifting your ranking, like website navigation and enhancing click through. Like web ads and all the algorithms that go with that. If this is what you are looking for, then it’s not me you want.

But if you want to use your website as a shop window to your business, have stronger words on your landing page that create real traction and develop better clarity throughout, give me a call.