Strategy Documents
and Business Plans

Strategy is about your future and should be a rallying cry for change. So why are so many strategy documents dull to read?
And, by the way, boring almost always means blocked in our unfollow, unfriend World.

I think I have an answer to my own question. Somewhere along the line – perhaps in the late 1980s – business plans and strategy documents got hijacked by accountants. For those of you who remember those days, the buzz words were value-based management (or VBM) and the sign of a good strategy was if it could be seen to return a strong positive discounted cash flow over a 10 year forecast horizon. Of course, what happened was that any stimulating strategic content, in terms of market trends, desirable products and services, competitive sustainability and cost effective operating configuration got lost.
Instead, decision-makers quickly flicked to the back of the document to scrutinise the cash flow forecasts
(and the inevitable ‘hockey stick’ projections). 

My mission today, is to write every strategy and every business plan as if it were an internal sales document. It’s about helping everyone in the business understand: the context, where the company is currently, why it needs to change, what that change involves and how everyone’s talents are needed to get there. In short, a strategy that everyone understands and can buy into.