In one sense advertising agencies, architects, design companies and copywriters are all in a very privileged position.
Their work is visible and public. They can quote it, show it and even give themselves prizes for it.

A consultant’s life, on the other hand, is hidden behind a cloak of secrecy and confidentiality. An organisation’s strategy is not for outside consumption and a None Disclosure Agreement is signed at the beginning of almost every one of my commissions.

Fortunately, I’ve written several reports over the last few years where the client has, for a variety of reasons, wanted to make the outcome public. So for an illustration of my power of analysis, method of structuration and tonality
(recognising that this will vary by client), feel free to dip into any of the following….

Using innovation to prepare for
the Future of Work

I gave a 30 minute webinar in October 2018 looking at the world of work to come

How machines and people will work side by side

The skills required to succeed in tomorrow’s world

The role of innovation in the workplace.

In association with Wazoku, where I am a business partner.

Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC): “On The Front Foot: A Blueprint for Change in the Medical Research Charity Sector”

Published in 2017, this practical report summarises the findings from roughly 30 interviews with the CEOs and Chief Research Directors of Britain’s biggest medical research charities. 

The CEO of AMRC, Aisling Burnand (MBE),
generously wrote the following:

“AMRC commissioned Chris to undertake future scanning research and analysis with external stakeholders and our members. His work resulted in excellent strategic insights and perception-changing understanding of our sector. Through Chris’ probing methodology and analysis, we and our members have gained a greater grasp of the challenges and opportunities ahead for the sector and how organisations are adapting in response – this has been well-received by leaders in our community.”

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL): “Retail 2020: Change is Coming. Are You Ready?”

Very dated now as my foresight for retail by 2020 was made back in 2010. However, I’m very proud of my forecasting in these 8 mini-reports as many of my predictions have come to pass. What looks tame in retrospect was prescient at the time.

[When you click on the link, scroll down to the 8 chapters
and take a browse].



Prescient talking heads clip made back in 2010 as one output of the Retail, 2020 analysis and reporting. Here I talk about the clicks gaining ground on the bricks.

Nicholas Hall: “Consumer Trends in Health, 2013-2020: Delivering Sustainable OTC Growth via
Global Consumer Insight”

I threw the kitchen sink at this one with sections on social and consumption trends, health trends and segments and growth opportunities and 15 challenger strategies. It amounts to 158 pages of dense analysis and practical recommendations to exploit the changing healthcare marketplace.


[Please ask for a pdf]

Motivaction: “Riding the Next Wave of Globalisation: Five Challenges Multinationals Face in Developing Markets”

My former Dutch colleagues asked me to co-author a report using consumer insights coming from their ‘Glocalities’ global database. Combined with my observations working in offices around the world for the likes of L’Oréal, Merck and Jones Lang LaSalle, we came up with this rulebook
for multinational success.

[You will be asked to fill out a non-binding form to access this report from Motivaction, as holders of the intellectual rights].

Chris Middleton and Tim Drake: “You Can Be As Young As You Think: Six Steps to Staying Younger
and Feeling Sharper”

Coming at life from a different angle and adopting a more folksy tone, our book challenges everyone to remain relevant and up for life. An ageing population and accelerating change is an explosive combination and means, quite simply, that many could find themselves cast adrift from society.

The book explains this phenomenon and gives six very pragmatic ways to live a life full of fun, fascination and fulfilment. This one you are going to have to buy!