The following listings – split into consultancy work and where I’ve personally given presentations or workshops – gives a flavour of the kinds of work I get up to as a consultant and writer.


Future of global retail banking

Tracking sustainability trends in Europe, 1990-2025

Business case for a Dutch agency

Global cutting edge technologies in self-service banking

Future offices in 6 Asian cities

The potential for vitamins in China, Indonesia and Mexico

New segments in tourism (China, Japan and USA)

Socio-cultural differences and similarities across SE Asia

Branding Strategy for iron supplements in Asia

Partial marketing strategy for a major provider of care homes

Future of giving in the charity sector

Acquisition analysis of a major British retailer

Market entry strategy for a French retailer

Market entry strategy for a British retailer

Retail concept development for many European retailers

Business Plans for several retailers

Analysis of the optical marketplace in France and Britain

Analysis of the binocular market in Britain

Segmentation for the DIY sector

Location Strategy for a newsagent (CTN) chain

Catchment area evaluations for several retail chains

Improvements in hospitality across the USA and Europe

Global trends in home decoration; bathroom trends

Future of the British leisure industry

Speeches to City analysts for the MD of Boots

Copy for Boots PLC Annual Reports and Accounts


Fundraising trends in recessionary times (Switzerland)

Consumer change in healthcare (Turkey, Austria)

Retail and consumer trends for a mobile operator (Sweden)

Recessionary impacts on the yellow spreads market (Holland)

Principles of consumer marketing and targeting (Taiwan)

Retail 2020 (Portugal, Poland, Scotland)

Staying youthful for business (Grand Canyon, USA)

Trends in healthcare (Canada, Germany)

Social change in France (France)

New needs in discipleship products (USA)

Brand activation in the soft drinks market (UK)

Future of the beverage industry (UK)

The future of local newspapers (UK)

Six-day executive development forum (France)

Food-to-go innovation workshop (UK)

Banking and building society innovation (UK)

C-Store strategy (Turkey)

Strategy for the Dutch cut flowers market (Germany)

Trends in tech (Sweden)

Research into gym habits (UK)

Business usage of mobile technology (Finland)

Trends & judge of a global mobility contest (France)

Consumer change for a media buying (UK)

Collectable glass figurines research (USA)

Utility company workshops (USA, Belgium)

Supermarket love brands (UK)