Presentations and Keynotes

As a fresh faced 26 year old, I was already writing City analyst presentations for the MD of Boots The Chemist – so I’ve been doing this kind of thing for over 25 years. Back then, his ‘slides’ were literally diapositives that had to be sent off to a photographic studio to be ‘burnt’ at least two weeks in advance of his speech!

But these days, who makes good presentations? Well, virtually anyone who has ever done a TED talk, of course, but is it possible to emulate them? Well, I’ve taken TED talks and dissected them, looked at common practices and understood what connects them emotionally to their audience.

Meanwhile, I’ve matched this decoding of TED talks with my real life experiences where I’ve been the one in front of 50 or 500 high ranking executives. I wouldn’t say that I’ve got to a precise scientific formula, but I would say that I can create a speech that will: firstly, give you credibility, next get the audience on your side and then give you the ideal platform from which to explore your new idea, launch your product or excite people around your change agenda.

Powerpoint? Lecturn? Microphone? Little aide-memoire cards? All is up for discussion based on the audience, the venue, the tradition…but there is no need to debate the must haves: appealing, meaningful, cut-through content.