Digital & Offline
News Content

Whilst many argue that content is king, some poor workers think of content as a hungry, irrepressible monster needing to be fed on an all-to-frequent basis. Blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook and Instagram ; all ravenously in need of new material. Offline, news content is also needed on an on-going basis for newsletters, articles and press releases.  

After a while, it is understandable that the person who has to feed the monster – as well as doing their day job –  sees their enthusiasm wane, the quality of their writing becomes poorer and the brand experience gets lost –
but that’s OK because, by then, no one on the recipient list is reading it.

Time for a rethink. About purpose. About readership profile. About personality. And time to reimagine what direction content could take. A good place to start is to assume that few people are actually interested in what you sell as a business. Most companies are pain companies, not pleasure companies. Starting there, what causes could you support, what personal stories can customers contribute, who are your internal heroes and what are they doing to make a difference. Let’s reimagine your content strategy, for a range of brand touchpoints, and come up with sparkling social content that is both read and forwarded.

The fact is, there’s always a lot to say, it just requires a bit of quick-witted journalism to get to the story.