Christopher Middleton

“The sun is like a flaming cannonball.” So began a poem that went on to win a national schools’ prize. For the seven year old me, this felt like fame indeed and my life as a writer was launched!

Several decades later and I’m still writing. I’m a published author, I’ve written articles for international magazines, blogs and newsletters and I’ve even mentored students in the dark art of university dissertations.

But my life’s work has focused on business reporting. As a consultant, virtually every process has required a sell-in of the findings – and cut through reports have been one essential leave behind.

My keyboard hasn’t stopped there. I’ve written exacting business cases, compelling pitch proposals and robust marketplace evaluations. I’ve assessed take-over targets, tantalised clients with consumer insights and captured foresights about tomorrow’s world.

My degree training as a social geographer has been, surprisingly enough, a key to all of this. Taking a topic, knowing how to research it, identifying the essence, telling a well-structured engaging story, coming to a reasoned conclusion – these are all skills that UCL embedded in my impressionable mind.

My life in words has taken me to unexpected places. I’ve written about Indonesian women, Chinese children, Swedish techies and burly American collectors of glass figurines! It helps to be endlessly fascinated by people – consumers and business people in particular.

Ultimately, it’s about describing the World in ways that help decision-makers change the World.
My seven year old self would have been impressed!