Ghost Writing Books

Hmmmm. So Pearson commissioned me and my inspiring co-author, Tim Drake, to write a popular psychology book – which we did – and have had it published in both paper and digital formats. Subsequently, our words have been translated into several languages including, bizarrely enough: Korean, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch. Still more, we developed a “Brain Age” app for itunes release and, since this dates back to 2009, we were well ahead of the curve! 

Now, I’m thinking, given my dip into the world of publishing and given all of my writing experience, how hard can it be to ghost write an autobiography? I’m pretty sure I know that the answer is “really hard” but, maybe, just maybe, I’d give it a go.
So, if you are well-known, have a clear memory and a strong life story to tell, let’s see if we click.