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Words are the force behind every charismatic person, every stirring speech, every literary masterpiece
and every love song.

In your organisation, words have the power to explain, motivate & provoke better decisions.
But you may find that, today, words are selling you or your business short.

I’m Christopher Middleton: a creative copywriter, report author and content writer –
and founder of Hot Reports.

My mission is to ensure that communications are compelling, impactful and memorable.

It’s about making sure your work contains the big ideas, robust arguments and arousing
emotional appeal to shift mindsets.

Types of Project

From Scratch
You need to figure out something, bring in new knowledge, analyse virgin territory, start afresh on a topic. In other words, you want me to research and analyse the content before writing about the content.

In the case where things aren’t so black and white, I’m asked to audit the information that already exists, research any gaps and only then put pen to paper.

You have done the research and know what you need to know but require expert help in putting it all down on paper. It’s about asking me to assemble and edit, structure and storytell.


Engaging white papers on any subject of your choosing.

Create meaningful content and tell your tribe an addictive story.

Digital & Offline Content
Blogs, Twitter, etc: sparkling social media that is read & forwarded.

Find a unique angle and present your ideas with compelling appeal.

Make an impact with a speech that’s crafted to hit all the right buttons.

Business Plans
Describe a future that gets everyone excited and wanting to join the journey.

Ensure that your leave behind represents your brand at its best.

Evolve a differentiated position and sell aspirations.

No need to be spooked by ghostwriting. If you can’t or won’t, I’ll take the strain!

Coming up…

I researched and wrote 7 heavyweight business reports in 2018 on:

1.The New Normal in British Society (housing, finance, work, leisure)

2. Retail Trends

3. Four Approaches to Customer Journey Mapping

4. Evolving Business Ethics

5. How to adapt education to the ‘cyber-physical’ age

6. The Balanced Scorecard and its relevance to SMEs

7. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on digital competencies

Spring 2019 is warming up:

Finishing a significant Report on collaborative social enterprises
for Britain’s charity sector¬†

Following through on the New Normal in British society

Pitching for horizon scanning and reporting exercise for a major British membership organisation


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